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You are currently using the old showRSS. Please move to the new showRSS as soon as possible. Learn more.

As you most likely now already, there's a new showRSS that is superseeding this "old" showRSS. Eventually, this version will disappear and the new code will take the place of this old site where you're reading this blog post.

The transition will start on June 1st 2016. Please ensure you have migrated your account by then. Once the transition is started, this old showRSS website will become inaccessible.

During the transition period, the feed addresses will still work for a limited amount of time, but its contents will have a 2-hour delay, that will be progressively increased to a 24-hour delay, and part of the requests will return a 404 error, all done with the intent to draw attention to users still subscribing to the old addresses, so that they migrate their feeds to the new ones.

It will also be possible to undertake guided account migrations that can be initiated from the new showRSS after this old website becomes inaccessible, during the transition period. However, password recovery will not be possible anymore for the old showRSS. Keep in mind that if a different person has registered with the same username on the new showRSS it will not be possible to do the migration.

Please reach out via Twitter (@showrss) if you need more information, we will be happy to help.

There's been some drama going on about the move to the new showRSS, and there are some clarifications that must be made regarding to this situation.

The first clarification is about the Transmission push feature: first, let's start with numbers. This feature is used by less than 1% of all the active users on this site. Yet it is one of the most resource-intensive ones, in all possible ways. Mainly because of the way it works: the server must actually reach out to every one of the users and push the show (unlike the RSS, where the user has to take care of reading it whenever they want). Also because of software versions: Transmission is evolving and sometimes updates are needed to keep everything compatible. That also means testing. And last, because it is single-handedly the feature that causes the most support requests and requires the most amount of debugging time.

In light of that situation, it is only fair to decide to scrap that feature for the time being and move to a different scheme. Of course, some users will be affected (we're included). And yes, we are exploring ways to remedy this. We're still looking for alternatives (some users have published theirs in the comment section), but it is not a priority because we believe each setup has a possible alternative.

Finally, a note on features and support: showRSS is a free service, free for everyone around the world. All infrastructure costs are supported by donations (thanks everyone!), and those donations keep the service running and have already done so for the last six years. But please note that making a donation does not grant access to tailor-made features, or any special support, simply because there's a limited number of hours in a day and this is not our job, but just a personal project. We hope you all understand.

Please keep in mind that you can try the new showRSS at any time, and that you can undo the migration whenever you want, by browsing to the migration page after you have migrated & logged on the new site. At the end of the page, there will be a link to undo the migration (under the username-password form).

Finally, a comment for newcomers: to use the new showRSS you must first sign up on the old one (here) and then migrate. Sorry.

showRSS has existed for well over 6 years already. Phew! That's a long time to be around on the internet (where, by the way, nobody knows you're a dog).

What used to be good practices and good technologies aren't so good and modern anymore, and what used to be acceptable code is not anymore. The solution? Build showRSS from the ground up, of course.

So, there we go: there's a new showRSS! You can try it today by browsing to showrss.info. Users with accounts on the old showRSS can migrate their account to the new showRSS by using the "Migrate Account" area in the new website. Just enter your current showRSS username and password, and a fresh account with the same username and password will be created in the new showRSS, and most of the show selections will be copied. Before doing so, please read the instructions carefully. Contact us on Twitter if you have questions or run into issues.

Not everything is good news: for the sake of simplicity, reliability and to ensure that showRSS can last longer, some problematic features are now gone: Transmission Push does not exist anymore in the new site. This blog has also disappeared, in favor of the Twitter feed. The show request flow has been changed in favor of a much better one that needs less manual intervention. Overlaps with wrong shows should not happen anymore, and information should be more accurate. Also, some features, such as the schedule, are still work in progress, but are slowly coming together.

This current website you're reading this on right now will disappear on January 31st, 2017. Please migrate now to prevent losing your account.

Due to the unavailability of some internet pages, where the torrent hashes are usually published, showRSS may not show all episodes as expected, or not in all qualities. Some alternative sources have been added. If you know any good, reliable source, please let us know via email.

Users have reported that some software does not parse correctly the new human-readable episode title in the feeds. To do that, a new option has been added. Just add &raw=true at the end of the personal feed address to receive the raw episode name instead of the clean, human-readable one.

Users reporting problems with clients not handling magnets correctly should use the feed without magnets instead. This feed option is available under the feed section, and just consists of adding &magnets=false at the end of the personal feed address.

Now that the old showRSS has been finally and officially shut down, some questions are arising among users… And here's some responses for them:

  • Catch for Mac won't work: update to the new one available on GitHub. Use Catch 1.6 if you are running 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion or 10.9 Mavericks. Use Catch 1.5 if you are running an older version of OS X.
  • My feed looks empty: that happens only if you look at the feed in Firefox. The browser is lying to you. It's because it has magnets in it. Use a feed without magnets, or add it directly into a client or program that supports feeds with magnets.
  • I've got some URL error when using the new feed: you're probably using a client that has trouble handling feeds with magnets, such as Vuze. Use non-magnet feeds, or switch to a different client (such as uTorrent, or put.io that handles magnet links correctly).
  • Downloaded items come in folders: read the F.A.Q. here and this community post for more information. Short answer is: it's going to be like that. It's the price to pay for faster, better releases, more variety and quality.
  • I can't remember my password: If your browser used to remember it, you can still find it. You can do this in Firefox and in Chrome. If you still don't remember it, refer to the F.A.Q. to see how to request a password reset.
That's pretty much it. If you've got any other questions arising with the change, post them here and we'll try to solve them!

After the overwhelming amount of emails asking for help with specific configurations, we've decided to launch a community forum where users can help each other, share tips, exchange feedback, discuss new features and talk about TV. If you like showRSS, join the forum, help other users, and help us build a better community.

Join now!

We're looking for people willing to deploy a reflektor mirror (to be added as a round-robin DNS entry). It runs under nginx and PHP 5.4. If you know how to do that and can host one, tell us!

showRSS is over 4 years old. And, well, we're not celebrating because that would be in May when we turn 101 years old, but until that, there's still room for new and exciting things. Here they go: the new and improved showRSS is here.

And some things are changing. So, please, keep on reading. If you want to jump on it directly, access it in its new home, showrss.info. Keep in mind that databases are shared for users and selections, therefore any change you make in either of those two versions will be reflected in the other.

The changelog is here. And now, how you should be concerned:

  • Users will have to log in and generate a new RSS address
  • Transmission push users will see torrents pushed from the new version starting from tomorrow. Make sure your configuration is alright!
  • New show request guidelines have been published in the F.A.Q.

But of course, it's got some goodies hidden inside. And the most noticeable one for you will be: more shows and more 720p episodes are going to be available. So, enjoy!

Visit showrss.info. (And remember, your account is the same.)

The last «big» change for showRSS was converting its underlying system. Instead of retrieving torrents and names, and parsing everything, we only retrieve info_hashes and names from EZTV and then cure and process everything.

Of course, one of the most frequent requests has always been adding shows and qualities that EZTV hasn't got. It's always been hard to do that: EZTV covers almost everything, and ensures good downloads. So, for the last few days we've been developing a spider. An automatic system that processes many web pages on the internet and picks the best torrents. If one provider is down, another one should work. If one hasn't got a specific show or quality, then another one should have it.

And we've called that system omicron, in honor of a long-running animation series that many of us used to watch. If you're a developer, feel free to fiddle with it (don't expect any warranties, though). If you're a casual user, keep an eye on the automated list to see if your favorite shows are there.

We expect to link this new system with showRSS during the next month.

But wait! There's more! With the info_hash system, we started letting users pick their caches. That leads to a new and unexplored problems: some clients don't support the forcefully gzipped torrents. Some caches have some info_hashes, and some others don't. The solution? A cache of caches that goes around different providers and then serves you with an uncompressed, ready-to-go torrent file. We've called it reflektor. It runs on nginx, PHP 5.4 and doesn't need any database: just some bandwidth and disk space. We're looking for people to develop these caches of caches, so if you've got the resources to deploy one, send us an email! We're going to release the code very soon.

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