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What is this?
showRSS is a service that allows you to keep track of your favorite TV shows. You pick your favorite shows from the list, then you subscribe to your feed. You can subscribe with your torrent client, so latest episodes are automatically downloaded, or add the feed to your browser or feed reader if you want to keep track of latest torrents. Other features also include tracking of your show schedule, so you know when the next episode will air.
Which torrent clients support RSS?
A few ideas: uTorrent, Miro, or Transmission along with Catch for Mac. If your internet is limited, slow, you cannot run a torrent client locally, or don't want to, you can use put.io. You don't have to set up any filters, we already provide your feed address in the feeds section filtered with the options you've selected.
What's a magnet?
Traditional torrent downloads rely on a torrent file that contains a lot of information about what you want to download. Instead of having to rely on a file that has to be stored and downloaded, showRSS uses magnets, which are small links that are directly loaded onto the torrent client. Read more about magnet links on Wikipedia.
What if I can't use magnets?
Then, you can use your "magnet-less" personal feed for your shows. Remember to pick a torrent cache under your settings, as we can't guarantee that a traditional torrent file will exist for what you're looking for. You can also change the magnet setting to off for the website only, under the settings page. Public feeds and non-registered users have only got access to magnet-based content.
What kind of privacy do you provide?
We don't keep any logs, IPs or email addresses. You are just asked for an username and a password when registering, and the password is double-encrypted with MD5 (one-way encryption).
Can you please include a TV show?
First of all, double-check that it isn't already present in the drop-down and if you haven't already subscribed to it. Then, check if it's still airing right now, and if it is in the orphan show list. If it is, send us an email. If it isn't, we can't add it yet. Sorry!
What do "PROPER" and "REPACK" mean?
When there is a problem with the release, such as missing parts, bad audio or video, or advertisements left uncut, a PROPER/REPACK version may be released: it's the same episode, but corrected. These releases often come after a first messed release, therefore you can select to receive only normal releases (ignore those corrected ones), or elect to receive all of them.
What are the custom feeds?
If you don't want to complicate yourself, just use things as they are in their default way. But if you want more options, such as getting PROPER/REPACKs, or getting 720p torrents for only some shows, use your custom personal feed. When you select "use per-show settings", a feed address will be given to you. The contents of it will be determined using the per-show settings. You can override this, generating a different feed, that for example, forces 720p torrents, without affecting other existing feeds you might be already using, or any of your per-show settings.
Can you change the file format? Why do some torrents come in folders?
showRSS used to use only EZTV. Traditionally, EZTV has a fixed choice for file format and packaging (direct torrent instead of putting it into a folder). But EZTV lacks some shows and some high-resolution releases for some other shows. That's why showRSS relies on different sources aside from EZTV, and as a result of that, some downloads might come in folders or in different formats. There's nothing we can do.
Then what exactly is showRSS?
showRSS is just a piece of software that takes content from a list of sources, and serves it in the most convenient way possible. For that, it tries to select the best release in each case, looking for timely and good-quality releases. It also tries to find the right name for the episode. Everything is done automatically. Therefore, this is meant as a way to save you time, by automating the 99% of tasks related to TV shows. Sometimes, some episodes might not appear, or not have the right quality, or not be correctly tagged — you'll have to deal with it manually. Keep also in mind that showRSS is not an archive — merely a day-to-day automation.
What else can showRSS do for me?
You can use the schedule to mark your seen shows, and keep track of them. You can also pick your preferred date format under settings. If you've got a Twitter account, you can associate it with your showRSS account, and use it to log in, useful in case you forget your password. And, if you run a NAS or a home server and have Transmission installed, you can configure showRSS to push new torrents to it, directly.
I'm on a Mac and Catch won't work with this new page.
Fair enough. Download and install the updated version of Catch. Make sure you select the right feed, which is the one listed as "namespaces and no magnets". Finally, we recommend you set your "link mirror" under settings (global settings) to the first one on the list.
I can see some episodes on my personal list but they don't show up on my feed.
That's likely related to a bad setting (quality preference). For example, you might have forced 720p for the whole feed, and the episode you're looking at is standard definition. Same might happen if you changed that setting on the per-show setting, and you're using the default personal feed address.
I need help, how can I contact you?
Sweet! Click here and send us an email! We may not answer everything, though, but we usually read the emails.
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